Perkins Eastman | Nordenpark


Norwalk, Connecticut
Built in the 1960s, NordenPark served well as a high-level defense contract related research facility. Architecturally, it was industrial and anonymous, purposely hidden from its location off Interstate 95 in Norwalk, Connecticut. The new owners of NordenPark, however, sought to transform the dated research and development building into a contemporary office facility with a high-tech edge. While visibility had been previously avoided, the owners now wanted a visually stunning office park that would attract both tenants and the attention of highway motorists.

As a first step in repositioning 150,000 sf of the 650,000 sf existing building, the exterior façade was stripped away and replaced with layers of tinted glass, colored light, and metal mesh to create a crisp first impression. The open mesh scrim wall adds drama and dimension to the exterior and provides a framework for future tenants to expand their identity with custom signage. While each architectural movement is defined by the blue and green color scheme, it is subtle enough not to overpower the natural surroundings. These scrim walls were also strategically placed to provide a vertical breakup of the horizontal façade, while also concealing stair doors, delineating private entrances for the tenants.