Perkins Eastman
Case Study 6:

Camphill Ghent

Copake, NY
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The Goals

The Camphill Ghent philosophy is intimately connected with living in harmony with the natural world. From the outset of this project, there was a strong commitment to develop a community that would be sustainable in as many aspects as possible. The Camphill movement has built communities throughout the world based on care that honors the individual for integrity and value to the community. The name "Camphill Ghent, Elders in Community" emphasized that whether disabled or gifted, each member contributes to others and, likewise, benefits from experiences and endeavors or others.

Camphill communities revere and honor the environment in a number of tangible ways, including "a leading-edge, plant-based waste-water filtration system in one community and buildings in many communities that are designed to minimize the need for conventional energy."